Bring our Delco lifestyle to your home.

The D3LCO Effect captivates the realness and unique lifestyle of
Delco (Delaware County, PA).
Each candle represents our favorite Delco-isms by transforming them into warm and inviting scents while being aesthetically pleasing to your home decor.

Our candles are soy-wax based, made with premium phthalate-free
essential and fragrance oils, and 100% cotton wicks.
Each is hand poured into a recyclable, sustainable amber glass jar.

  • The Beverlys

    Our names are Leon and Renee, and we were born and raised in Delco. We are currently raising our son Trey, who represents the 3 in our logo, and we decided to grow our family by starting a small, local business together. It has been a labor of love, sweat, and tears, but we are incredibly grateful to share our passion for candles with you and bring the
    realness of Delco to your home.